Headache on Left Side: Two Homeopathic Exercises to Relieve Migraine

A migraine is a very painful headache on left side of your head that can be unbearable. Perception, muscle tone and psychological function are all affected as the blood flow to the brain is altered, causing weakness, queasiness, sweating, chills, and visual disturbances. Below are two effective exercises, specifically designed for sufferers of chronic headache pain, which will help prevent or relieve your migraine symptoms.
Exercise #One: Learn About the Causes of Migraine Headaches
Headache on left side and other forms of migraine are caused by sudden contractions of the blood vessels in the head. Alcohol, hormonal imbalance, emotional pressure, medicine, nicotine, citrus fruits, cheeses, nuts and cocoa products are some of the things that may set off your migraine headache.One of the main symptoms is the telltale headache on left side, along with blurred vision that starts in the morning, gets worse by noon, but generally clears up in the evening.
Exercise #Two: Learn About Homeopathic Remedies for Your Symptoms
A headache on the left that starts in the back of the skull or upper neck and spreads to the forehead and temple may indicate a need for the herb belladonna. If you have a heavy, splitting headache on left side that settles over the eye or spreads to the entire head, bryonia can be helpful. Cimicifuga is often indicated for migraines with throbbing or shooting pains in the eyes.
You can use homeopathic remedies for any type of headache on left side, even if the cause is not migraine. For example, lachesis can be used for left sided headaches caused by the sun, alcohol, colds, menopause or PMS, and sepia can be taken for pain caused by artificial light and missing meals. In many cases, fresh air and rest will help the homeopathic medicine to work more effectively.